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Tories for Independence

This week, nasty Ruth Davidson, in a bid to avert the public’s attention from her despicable support for the vile rape clause, decided to talk about independence again. She said that Nicola Sturgeon’s statement that the general election wasn’t about independence was a “whopper”.

It’s an amazing feat of doublespeak that the Tories can claim that the SNP is obsessed with independence whilst constantly pivoting in any conversation to discuss independence themselves. Only this week, Davidson demanded that Sturgeon outlines the Scottish Government’s plans for a second referendum which were going to be released following the council elections but have since been postponed till after the snap general election. Who could blame her for postponing?

A vote for the SNP would strengthen, not the case for independence, but the right for the Scottish people to decide themselves and the sovereignty of the Scottish Parliament. Not that it’s required. The mandate for a second referendum has already been achieved in the 2016 Scottish election.

This election is also about providing a strong opposition to the Tories and their narrow mindedness and austerity obsession that is tearing the fabric of our communities apart.

In one breath, the Tories are the defenders of the union crusading to put the topic of independence in the ground whilst in the same breath demanding that the First Minister outlines full plans for a second referendum.

Believe it or not, there is method to this madness. The reason why the Tories are obsessed with independence is because opposing it is their rallying cry.

Unfortunately, the old system of class being the deciding factor on how people vote has weakened its grip on the electorate, although not completely. Figures have shown that the more money you had, the more likely you were to vote for the union. The comfortably numbs and the ‘I’m alright Jacks’. Likewise, the poorer people were the more likely they were to vote for independence. Regardless, most people now vote on constitutional lines: independence vs the union.

Because Labour are so unconvincing/useless in their support for the union, the Tories have been able to take up the mantle. As they claim the raison d'être of the SNP is independence, the reason for Toryism in Scotland is to protect the union. Making every election – even local elections – about independence taps into that fear of tearing up the Act of Union. There is no programme for government; no benefit to ordinary peoples’ lives; no reason - only fear that their sacred union from which they have benefited so much from may end.

The mandate for a referendum has already been achieved. The SNP is right to make this election about opposing the Tories. The Tories have independence. Labour have nothing. And the SNP has a vision for Scotland.


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