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Solidarity with Catalonia

Conference reaffirms our solidarity with the pro-independence movement in Catalonia.

Conference notes that on 1st February 2017, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont declared that a referendum on Catalan independence is to be held in September of 2017 "at the latest", despite warnings from the central Spanish government that they will not accept the result of the referendum as it is deemed illegal by the Spanish constitution.

Conference notes that the Catalan public voted a collective majority of pro- independence members to the Catalan Parliament in September of 2015, giving the Parliament a mandate to hold a referendum. In addition, public support in Catalonia for holding a referendum on independence, according to the latest polling data, stands at 85% (GESOP).

Conference therefore reaffirms our solidarity with the Catalan people and recognises their right to decide upon the future of their country, through peaceful and democratic means.

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