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Social Anxiety

Social anxiety impacts so many young people and those of all ages around the world. Too many young people suffering with social anxiety don’t speak out or ask for help because they are too scared even if they are rightly told that the help is there.

School can be an incredibly tough experience for these people. Even the most insignificant of social situations can be a challenge such as talking in front of a group of more than a couple people and other situations like talking in front of a class full of people can be excruciating for some.

This anxiety is often ridiculed among groups of friends leading to an increase in anxiety for the affected person. Someone “hitting a riddy” can be a harmless and humorous sight for some and sometimes it can be meaningless but for some this can be an extremely distressing experience.

We need to assure those who are suffering with social anxiety disorders and those that are unaware they are, that they are not alone. The initial process of seeking help may be difficult but once that first step is completed it can lead to them getting crucial help for their mental health. Talking can help, let’s open up.

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