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SNP International Unit

Conference welcomes the internationalist focus of the new Party Leader and First Minister, Humza Yousaf.

Conference believes that Scotland is a proudly internationalist and outward-looking country, and the SNP and the YSI must continue to actively embody these values, which also form the core part of our vision for an independent Scotland in Europe.

Conference notes that while the SNP and the YSI are currently members of EFA (European Free Alliance), there is a significant amount of goodwill towards Scotland’s right to choose its future amongst all progressive party groups.

Conference believes that in the wake of a hard Brexit that was imposed against Scotland’s democratic will, the SNP and the YSI must deepen and widen our outreach to fellow progressive parties in Europe - with a particular focus on social-democratic parties of government.

Conference therefore calls on the YSI to push the SNP NEC on establishing an International Unit within the party - initially run on a voluntary basis, with the support of MPs and MSPs, and with the YSI represented on it. This would create a structure for coordinating international efforts and allow for developing a more long-term strategy in order to build new party alliances.

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