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Securing Workers' Rights to Secondary Action

Conference supports workers’ right to organise and take industrial action to improve their working lives, wider society, and fight injustice; believes that solidarity between all working people is essential for society’s improvement; with this in mind, recognises the importance of General Strikes, such as the 1926 General Strike which saw over 1.5million workers from different industries strike in support of coal miners whose hours were increased and wages cut to secure the private profits of mine owners, and also the 1975 Icelandic Women’s Strike which saw 90 per cent of Iceland’s female population strike against workplace discrimination; condemns John Major's Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 which places severe restrictions on trade unions, including preventing trade union secondary, or solidarity action; believes that this is a right of workers and can be an effective tool to achieve political objectives and fight injustice; calls on SNP elected representatives now and in the event of an independent Scotland to constitutionally secure the right of workers to take industrial action, including the right to strike in solidarity with other workers, to influence employers and Government'

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