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Scots Language Board

Conference believes that the Scots language is not only an integral part of our nation’s cultural heritage, but that it is central to the identity of many people across the country, and ought to be valued as such by being more widely taught, learned, and promoted in Scottish public life in order to facilitate access for native speakers and learners alike.

Conference notes that Scots is suffering from a lack of use in public and official contexts, and that Scots-speakers have little at their disposal with which to learn about or promote their native tongue.

Conference notes that, despite many contextual differences between Scots and Gaelic, the existence of the Bòrd na Gàidhlig has been invaluable in promoting and facilitating the use and understanding of the language.

Conference therefore resolves that the merits of a Scots Language Board (Board fir the Scots Leid) ought to be considered in order to best promote and protect the language’s future.

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