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Rent Controls

Conference welcomes the steps the Scottish Government has taken to grant private tenants greater security of tenure, as well its commitment to house building and the scrapping the disastrous right-to-buy policy.

Conference notes the challenges that private tenants still face; with unaffordable rents and poor-quality housing being far too common across Scotland.

Conference recognises that the Rent Pressure Zone measures included in the 2016 Housing Act have not led to more affordable rents and believes that while they represented an important step forward in acknowledging problems in the private rented sector, greater regulation is needed.

Conference therefore calls on the Scottish Government to take steps towards implementing stronger rent controls across the country, to protect private tenants from unaffordable rents and low-quality housing, and for these controls to be used to improve housing quality by linking rents to the quality of the home as opposed to market levels.


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