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Period poverty to period dignity

Conference believes it is unacceptable that anyone in Scotland should be unable to access sanitary products due to ‘period poverty’, where they cannot afford to buy these essential products. Sanitary products should be easily accessible to those who need them, without stigma.

Conference commends the work done by the Scottish government thus far in taking steps in breaking down the stigma by providing free sanitary products in schools, colleges, universities, Scottish government buildings and some organisations, as well as some low-income families.

Conference calls on the SNP to work towards the principle of universalism in ensuring equal access to sanitary products, to all individuals who require them and in all public buildings across the country.

Conference calls on the SNP to support the implementation of a ‘Period Dignity Certification’ standard that can be accredited to private institutions/ employers who provide free sanitary products in all bathrooms, similar to that of the ‘Fair-Trade Certification’ or ‘Living Wage Employers’.

Conference calls on the YSI NEC to undertake engagement with the Scottish Government to encourage them to implement this change.

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