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Our new Scotland begins now

The following article featured in the Independence Magazine on Saturday 15th of June.


Dear Scotland, I am an immigrant, a foreigner, a new scot, and I am very proud of it.

Brexit is a close topic to my heart, as my stay in this country is under threat. I came to Scotland aged 18, with no money, no family and not idea of that a National Insurance Number was.

But now, after a year and a half in Scotland, I am proud to call this country my home, but Westminster and Brexit are putting everything I have worked so hard for at risk!

Out of all the countries in the world, I chose only one, Scotland.

My home country, Catalonia, didn’t had any opportunities to offer me, my future was being determined too early, and it seemed I didn’t even had a say on it. While Scotland was offering me a blank canvass, an exciting new chapter that I was eager to start writing.

In less than two years, I have achieved so much, I have just been accepted to university, and I am looking forward to start in September, I was shortlisted for student of the year, in the Scottish Student Journalism awards, and many things that seemed unachievable the first day I had my feet in this country.

I came here empty handed and now I have found a family here - YSI. In whom I rely a lot, and I am proud to serve as National International Officer!

Scotland, Brexit is playing with my hopes, my dreams, my future, and with my new family, and like me, all the rest of EU citizens, who make this beautiful country so diverse.

We love this country , and we are not letting the Tories, in the House of Commons tell us whether we are worth enough to stay here, because we are!

Dear Westminster,

It’s time for you to “Haud yerr wheest” and let Scotland speak. because listen, we are saying -



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