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On the scrapping of the £65 fee settlement fee for EU nationals

Our International Officer Valentina Servera Clavell comments on the announcement that the £65 settlement fee has been dropped by the UK Government:

"We’ve made it, the UK Government has dropped the £65 fee settlement fee for EU nationals! That fee was not only a tax on foreigners, but that fee was also putting a price on our lives, our dreams, our hopes and our love for this country.

It is important to remember but, although we have won a battle we’ve not won the war, Brexit is a MISTAKE and although we don’t have to pay, we still have to go through the horrific process of applying to stay in the country we are proud to call home - Scotland.

This process means that from one day to another your life can completely change, and you can lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve, I appeal to Westminster show some compassion - end the hostile environment now. They say Brexit means Brexit, I say Brexit means division, fear, and hate."

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