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National School Elections

Conference believes that it is imperative that we, as a country, can platform and engage with younger voters in a much more meaningful and impactful way.

Conference also understands that the key to winning our independence is with the young Scots, knowing that independence is about securing their future on this planet and making Scotland a fairer and more equal society back in Europe.

Conference understands the role, both disenfranchisement, and the failure to engage constructively with younger voters, plays in the outcome of elections; as such, Conference looks to other countries for inspiration of effective policy in boosting youth turnout and political engagement for younger Scots - such as Denmark and Canada.

Conference therefore proposes the implementation of internal National School Elections which mimics normal National Elections as a part of the core curriculum - following on from the successes of the Danish model; Recognising there are important social skills young Scots can benefit from learning in constructive debate, fact-checking and inclusion.

Furthermore, Conference also agrees that the Scottish Youth Parliament should be properly and thoroughly integrated into schools across Scotland, facilitating representative communication, parliamentary forums and encouraging active involvement for all secondary school pupils.

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