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My journey with Mental Health

My journey with mental health has lasted about 7 years now, and while its getting better, there are still some rougher days. I refused to believe that I had an issue with my health for nearly 5 years from the ages of 13-18, until it all got too much and I started self harming to relieve the pain of constantly fucking up and feeling worthless.


Now, since about 18, I’ve self harmed on a relatively consistent basis, being about once every 3 months or so, simply down to the fact that the pain of that is easier than the pain of failure. I’m still fighting with my demons, but seeing the overwhelming and growing support for mental health awareness and mental health in general has made me realise that a) I’m not alone and b) even if I was, sometimes that’s whats for the best. Being part of the SNP and YSI over the past months has allowed me to have a vice from all my other problems, and convert all my energy into a passion for something I love, which I haven’t had the chance to do in a while.


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