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Living Wage for those on Zero Hour Contracts

Conference believes that all workers should get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Conference notes that with the growth of the gig economy has come an increased reliance on zero hours contracts. Conference understands that for many zero hours contracts are a source of instability while for others a convenient system.

Conference welcomes the work done by the SNP to promote the living wage and workers rights, in particular, Chris Stephens MP who introduced a bill at Westminster to increase worker protection for those working on zero hours contracts.

Conference notes statistics which show that young people are four times as likely to have a zero hour contract than the general population. To help protect the rights of Scottish workers Conference reiterates calls for the devolution of employment law to Holyrood so all workers, including those on zero hours contracts, can be paid the real living wage and further calls on the SG to explore legislation for flexible working.

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