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Legalising assisted dying for people with terminal illnesses in Scotland

Conference recognises that assisted dying is an extremely sensitive & emotive topic, and therefore urges respectful discussion on the topic.

Conference recognises that the current legal situation in Scotland means that people who are dying from a terminal illness are unable to ask for medical assistance to die; they are left without a choice in how they die.

Conference recognises that a vast majority of people in Scotland – around 80% - support a change in the law on assisted dying for terminally ill adults.

Conference believes that strong safeguards must be put in place with regards to the legalisation of assisted dying; to ensure that any terminally ill person who does not want to access assisted dying is not pressured to do so and that high-quality palliative care should be provided; that those who do want to must be able to give informed consent; and that no medical professional who objects to assisted dying is forced to partake in any related medical procedures.

Conference ultimately believes that nobody who has a terminal illness should have to suffer unnecessarily; conference believes that they should have a choice in the time & manner of their death.

Conference therefore supports the principle of legalising assisted dying for people with terminal illnesses in Scotland.

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