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It’s time - for a General Election!

This is arguably the most important UK General Election Scotland will ever have - the most important and hopefully the last. 

We have 59 fantastic SNP candidates and we are ready to return a large group of SNP MP’s to Westminster to fight for Scotland and unashamedly stand up for Scotland’s right to choose our own future. 

The lesson we learned from 2017 was this - take nothing for granted.


Your SNP candidates need YOUR support on the doors in your local area to help deliver the positive message of the SNP and convince those yet to be convinced of that vision. 

When posting your campaigning activities on social media, use the hashtag #ActiveYSI to allow us to promote as much of this content as possible across our channels. 

As well as campaigning, make sure you, your friends, and loved ones are registered to vote. 

You can do so here:

We will also be asking members to submit 20 second videos calling on young people to register to vote and as a separate campaign sharing why young people should vote SNP – these will be filmed after some of our campaigning sessions. Please get involved. 

Keep your eyes peeled on YSI National and Regional social media to find out about our campaigning sessions. 

If anyone is interested in coming to Inverness to help out our candidate Emma Roddick in the Inverness Central council by-election. You can find out more details here:

Go put your jacket on - it might be 2 degrees outside but it’s Time for Independence.

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