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Introduction of a Unified Ticketing System for Public Transportation in Scotland

Conference recognises the importance of Scotland's efficient and user-friendly public transportation system. To enhance the convenience and accessibility of public transport, Conference calls upon the Scottish Government to introduce a unified ticketing system, taking inspiration from the successful model implemented across European cities.

Conference acknowledges that a unified ticketing system would simplify travel for residents and visitors alike, allowing seamless transfers between different modes of transportation. This system would promote integration, efficiency, and affordability, ultimately encouraging more individuals to choose public transport as their preferred mode of travel.

Conference notes that similar models have demonstrated the benefits of a unified ticketing system, which encompasses various modes of transport, including buses, trams, trains, and metro lines. Such a system provides passengers with a single ticket or smart card that can be used across the entire network, eliminating the need for multiple tickets and reducing administrative complexities.

Conference further notes that Glasgow already has a similar system for its subway and bus networks.

Conference urges the Scottish Government to fully implement a unified ticketing system for public transportation alongside the permanent removal of peak time fares.

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