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Increasing Worker Empowerment and Ownership

Conference notes the increasing economic inequalities between the richest and poorest in society; and the continued lack of control workers have over their workplace. Conference condemns the Tory UK Government’s unfair tax policies; attempts to disempower workers through the draconian Trade Union Act 2016; and the continued abuse of zero-hour contracts.

Conference believes that empowering workers in their workplace to provide greater ownership and control of executive decisions will secure them the profits of their labour ensuring a fairer distribution of wealth; empower individuals and communities politically, socially and economically; lead to fairer working conditions; increase the likelihood of ethical decisions made by businesses; and increase productivity.

Conference therefore supports the means of worker empowerment, including compulsory profit sharing and selling of shares to workers; calls on the UK Government to enshrine these policies into law; supports the proliferation of cooperatives; and calls on the UK and Scottish Government to undertake steps to provide financial support and advice to start-up cooperatives to secure their success and proliferation.


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