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Implementation of Citizen’s Income

Conference supports the future implementation of a universal basic income grant (UBI) that shall be paid to all citizens; accepts that unfortunately many in Scotland have failed to receive the benefits of economic growth as wages have failed to match growth; accepts that dealing with increasing automation is also a challenge; agrees that UBI will benefit all economic groups in Scotland from the increase in consumer spending ability, and will help tackle the stigma of the current benefits system.

Conference understands that UBI will replace the complex administration of house-hold means tested welfare with a computerised system that can respond to modern living arrangements; and that this amount will scale with age.

Conference accepts that the amount of the grant will be subject to proposals. However, conference also notes that some will require a ‘top-up’ depending on their own individual circumstances for example in housing or disability.

Conference understands the powers necessary to implement this policy are reserved as many current welfare policies would be replaced by UBI, therefore it is a policy best implemented after independence and will help make an independent Scotland a success.


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