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Free-to-view Broadcasting Protection for Scottish International Competitive Sport

Conference notes that current broadcasting rules protect certain sporting occasions and requires them to be shown on free-to-view terrestrial television; further notes that this includes important events such as the Scottish Cup Final, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games;

recognises that many of Scotland’s sporting heroes throughout history came from poor and destitute backgrounds; further recognises that many international sports, including competitive mens football and cricket, as well as from 2022 most of the Olympics, will be broadcast on satellite television and thus will be hidden behind an expensive paywall;

believes that restricting international sport coverage behind a paywall damages interest and thus participation in Scottish sport, and adversely affects the Scottish working classes;

therefore resolves to support the protection of broadcasting of all Scottish international competitive sport on free-to-view terrestrial television in the event of an Independent Scotland or the devolution of broadcasting to the Scottish Government.

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