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Expansion of HIV Testing in Scotland

Conference welcomes the Scottish Government’s aim to eliminate Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission in Scotland by 2030.

Conference recognises that eliminating HIV transmission in Scotland will require a multi-faceted, whole-society approach, and notes the expansion of HIV testing is vital to meeting this goal.

Conference urges anyone who may need a HIV test to get one as soon as possible; recognises that there should be no shame or stigma in taking a HIV test nor in living with the virus, and that those who have HIV can live normal, healthy lives if on effective treatment.

Conference commends HIV Prevention England for its annual National HIV Testing Week campaign and welcomes recent commitments by the Welsh government to implement its own testing week for Wales.

Conference also notes the success of emergency department opt-out HIV testing in England and its successes in reaching communities most impacted by health inequalities.

Conference calls on the Scottish Government to commit to the expansion of HIV testing in Scotland as a matter of urgency, including committing to the introduction of a funded National HIV Testing Week for Scotland, and to piloting opt-out HIV testing in Scotland’s emergency departments in areas where HIV is most prevalent.


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