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Conference believes that no human is illegal and asserts this principle should be the bedrock of asylum policy in an independent Scotland.

Conference condemns the Tory UK government for their shocking treatment to asylum seekers especially with the Rwanda plan.

Conference also notes that asylum seekers only receive £6.43 per day to live on and can't even work, these two combined with the cost of living crisis makes it even harder to live with dignity.

Conference calls for the immediate devolution of all aspects of Immigration and employment law to the Scottish Parliament so that we can create humane system that treats any person seeking asylum in Scotland with fairness, respect and dignity.

Furthermore, conference calls for the immediate elimination of the employment ban on asylum seekers by the UK Government and urges SNP MP’s to campaign on this basis. Conference further believes that the ban should be replaced with a right to work for asylum seekers in line with international best practice such as the approach taken by Canada.

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