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Douglas Ross is Putting his Party Before the Planet

Douglas Ross would rather let the planet burn than work with the SNP.

It speaks volumes about the current state of the Scottish Tories when they can’t even set aside their differences on the constitution to work with other parties to tackle the devastation our planet faces if we don’t act quickly.

The SNP has confirmed it will work with everyone to protect the environment and reduce the damage of climate change. The Scottish Tories have made it clear that they will always put their party before the planet. They cannot be trusted to maintain a green future for Scotland.

Douglas Ross either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that climate change is the single biggest issue facing the planet - either way it only further proves he is completely unfit for political office.

It’s young people that will be forced to live with the consequences of Douglas Ross and the Tories’ inaction the longest, maybe that’s why so few of us support them.

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