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Declaration of a Housing Crisis

Conference recognises that Scotland is enduring an increasingly fractious period politically, with the recovery from Covid-19, the cost-of-living crisis and the denial of Scottish democracy by Westminster all dominating political debate.

Conference acknowledges that at the same time, Scotland is enduring a housing crisis like many other Western and European nations; notes that decades of Westminster neglect have left Scotland’s social housing stock too low, affordable housing supply insufficient and house prices spiraling; further notes that young people in particular are increasingly excluded from the housing market and frequently forced to pay extortionate rents disproportionate to the quality of housing on offer, further putting strain upon their already stretched finances.

Conference hereby approves the declaration of a housing crisis in Scotland while applauding the Scottish Government’s efforts to combat it.

Conference further approves the following measures to limit the impact of the crisis and calls on the Scottish Government to examine the viability of these proposals:

  • An affordable housing act banning ‘investors only’ sales and significantly lowering the threshold at which housing can qualify as ‘affordable’.

  • A social housing act that sets minimum standards for the quality of social housing for tenants and a commitment to drastically increase Scotland’s current social housing stock.

  • The creation of emergency housing centers to provide homeless individuals with safe, warm and immediate shelter during their wait for more permanent housing options, further reinforcing the Scottish Government’s mission to eradicate poverty.

  • A renewed effort to deliver ‘new towns’ and the fast tracking of proposed new towns such as Blindwells, Owenstown and Shawfair.

  • A ‘comfort years’ scheme following successful Scandinavian models, delivering high quality, affordable homes to older people, particularly those who have never owned their own homes.

  • A concerted effort to provide incentives and active encouragement of the third and private sectors to construct more affordable and cost-rental homes.

Conference agrees that every Scottish citizen ought to be entitled to equality of opportunity, including the opportunity to own their own home, and calls upon the Scottish Government to guarantee this opportunity.

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