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Celebrating the diverse Care Experienced community

Today is Care Day. A day celebrated worldwide to honour the diverse Care Experienced community globally. This day marks their achievements; recognises their history and understands that more can be done. Care Day was first celebrated 5 years ago, after the implementation of the Children and Young People’s Act 2014 - which saw Care Experienced campaigners directly influence legislation. For allies, corporate parents and the wider public, you can join in with the celebrations and by sparking discussions on how the world can make change meaningful change for Care Experienced people. The theme this year is reimagining which encourages the society to reimagine how Scotland and the world can best support Care Experienced people to flourish to their full potential. We see Care Experienced as protected characteristic and we urge that other organisations do too. We in the YSI reimagine a Scotland where every Care Experienced person experiences a lifetime of equality, respect and love. Who Cares Scotland has a fantastic article on their website detailing how you can take part in Care day. Find it at

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