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A new website complete with bold Ambitions

Over the last few years, the digital world has transformed politics as we know it. Not just in how we communicate with our elected representatives but how we take part and form decisions during and out with election periods.

I am of the opinion that the changes provided to us by the digital world will never replace the method of door to door canvassing, having conversations with others and sharing points of view.

And nor should they, after all conversations, engaging with others as well as having a positive vision for the area we want to represent wins us elections.

What is important, however, is that we take advantage of the new tools we have at our fingertips to better equip ourselves and others when taking our message to the doors. The brand new YSI website launched today provides those tools.

It provides the ability for members to find out what’s going on near them and attend events such as campaign days, meetings and social events including Conference Karaoke.

The website also delivers a new policy base which members can use to read policy the YSI supports and create their own policy ideas for submission and debate at our National Conferences held in Spring and Autumn of each year.

We’ve introduced a news section which will be regularly updated with the latest news, content and announcements from the organisation. What’s better is any YSI member can contribute to this section by submitting pieces to callumreid3563@gmail.comfor consideration.

However, I recognise the value of having a community filled with people from all walks of life to produce content for our blog.

A new Content Creation Group has been launched. This group will be a place where members can work together to create content, gain feedback and advice from myself and other members and learn new skills! Join the group here:

This website also makes it easier to contact our organisation with separate forms for both general enquiries and media.

However, this website also delivers for the regions. As someone who began my journey in the YSI through the Regional Associations as PEO before being a regional convener I know the work Regional Associations put in across the country promoting the organisation, the SNP’s record of delivery and the positive case for independence. I would encourage all members to become active in their local region.

And the new pages and features delivered with this website makes it easier than ever to find out about your local association, get involved and more. Currently, all regional pages are running recruitment drives to help encourage more members to become active in the organisation.

However, over the coming months these pages will be updated to reflect the unique work of each region by being handed over to the REC responsible for that region. Empowering them to make use of the opportunities this website provides.

I look forward to seeing how our members use the new features, as we build a better Scotland.

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