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Conference condemns the Russian acts of aggression against the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people. Conference notes the threats faced to the continent, creating the most critical moment for European security since the Second World War and is a clear threat to our collective democracy.

Conference believes it is now time that we all stand together in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our NATO allies, especially those in the Baltic states. Conference acknowledges that unprecedented times call for unprecedented solidarity with our allies and recognises that the YSI has been historically opposed to NATO.

Conference acknowledges the existing party policy concerning the collective defence arrangements of an independent Scotland is to support NATO membership and close ties to strategic partners in the Arctic, including fellow NATO members Canada and Denmark.

Conference recognises that this stance can no longer be sustained while we witness our allies' sovereignty being desecrated.

Conference calls on the YSI to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, both in the UK as well as an independent Scotland.


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