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Council notes with concern the events in Gaza of the last few days; condemns the short-sighted thinking of President Trump in moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem without regard to the implications of his actions on the stability of the region; and stands in solidarity with the Palestinians who peacefully protested this decision.

Furthermore Council understands that Monday's events represent only a part of the last 6 weeks of protests known as the "Great Return March"; condemns the actions of the Israeli Defence Force in using live ammunition during the protests of May 14th; and supports the position of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the use of force was disproportionate and unjustified; further noting the decision by the UN General Assembly in December to condemn the actions of the Trump Administration.

Council supports the calls from the international community for an independent investigation into the accusations of war crimes committed during Monday's protests; supports a path which would see a full international investigation of the actions of the Israeli government, and further supports an outcome that would involve the International Criminal Court if the conclusion of such an inquiry warrants it.

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